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the elegance of silence

Chi Chi Room

This jewel box of a room is hand painted top to bottom in delicate shades of pink and gold. The elegant crystal chandelier catches the afternoon light in such a way that the room fills with rainbows and makes any guest feel like Marie Antoinette. 

Spanish Room

Located on the second floor, our most intimate room centres around its fabulous king-sized bed with magnificently carved and gilded headboard.


Bishops Room

This room is ideal for the guest seeking to experience monastic peace and serenity. One of the standout features of this room is a pair of intricately carved stone architectural elements dating as far back as the medieval period. 

Duke’s Room

Named after one of the people responsible for bringing the castle back to life, this room has a large vaulted ceiling and is richly decorated in the belle epoch style. It overlooks the castle’s front gardens and our pair of statuesque two-hundred year old Lebanon Cyprus trees.

The Suites

Casa Camelia


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Contact us   |   policies   |   etiquette