Castello di Casalborgone luxury Italian castle hotel garden

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From Our Guests

Our guests say it better than we ever could.

Italian hotel experience
wedding at Castello di Casalborgone
Wine tasting at Castello Di Casalborgone Italy

Wine Tastings

Allow your senses to indulge and delight in the best Piemontese wines, served with a variety of local cheeses, at the Castello.

The Space of Silence

In a world of information, noise and overdrive it can be hard to remember what it was like when life was a quieter place.

Often this silence can be achieved in nature, on long walks, trips to the sea’s side, even in the choice to observe the beauty of a flower. However, this is often short lived and doesn’t always equal a quieter mind. We grow up conditioned to think, overthink, and then think some more…

Castello di Casalborgone luxury Italian castle hotel view