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A feast for the eyes, gift for the senses, and a challenge for the intellect

Welcome to 
Castello di Casalborgone

A boutique hotel created from a home. The castle is a step into the elegance and history of centuries past, offering uniquely themed rooms and suites, five star service, and fine dining.

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Luxury boutique hotel created from a home
A place where time ceases and reality begins

Wine tasting at Castello Di Casalborgone Italy

Wine Tastings

Allow your senses to indulge and delight in the best Piemontese wines, served with a variety of local cheeses, at the Castello.

The Space of Silence

In a world of information, noise and overdrive it can be hard to remember what it was like when life was a quieter place.

Often this silence can be achieved in nature, on long walks, trips to the sea’s side, even in the choice to observe the beauty of a flower. However, this is often short lived and doesn’t always equal a quieter mind. We grow up conditioned to think, overthink, and then think some more…

Castello di Casalborgone luxury Italian castle hotel view